About Us

Learn Logic AI is a private limited company, duly registered under Startup India, dedicated to advancing technology-based education and integrating AI into daily life.

We firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence holds the potential to revolutionize nearly every facet of our lives, spanning healthcare, education, transportation, and entertainment. However, to harness this potential responsibly and inclusively, it is imperative to ensure universal access to AI education, resources, and opportunities, especially for those historically underrepresented or marginalized. This commitment drives our focus on engaging and empowering students and communities, irrespective of their background or expertise, fostering a generation of AI creators and problem solvers.

A cornerstone of our endeavors is the AI for School program. Through partnerships with schools and educators, we introduce AI concepts and applications to students using a hands-on, project-based approach. By seamlessly blending theory with practical experience, we empower students to devise AI solutions for real-world challenges, such as climate change or poverty. Additionally, we provide teachers with training and resources to seamlessly integrate AI into their curriculum and pedagogy, thereby enhancing their skills and impact.

Another pivotal initiative is the establishment of the AI centres network, a collaborative effort with esteemed institutions such as TISS and IITs. These centres function as hubs of AI excellence and innovation, where researchers, entrepreneurs, and students collaboratively create AI solutions to address local and global challenges. Our goal is to establish AI centres across various regions of India, capitalizing on the diversity and complexity of social, economic, and environmental contexts, ensuring the widespread and equitable distribution of AI benefits.

In essence, our mission is to democratize AI education and innovation, fostering accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. Through the cultivation of partnerships, communities, and ecosystems that nurture creativity, curiosity, and compassion, we aim to make a meaningful and lasting impact. We extend an invitation to all who share this vision to join us, contributing their talents, skills, and passions to this exciting journey.


To explore the opportunities of new technologies by ensuring the sustainable development of the young generation as the best products for the prosperity of the nation.

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